• Mick

    Serious Collision Investigators

    "There is no safe limit, so don't drive and drink or take drugs. It can still be in your body the next morning. Never accept a lift from someone you think has been drinking or taking drugs."

  • Alan


    "Watch your speed, and drive appropriately for the weather conditions. It means you'll have a better chance of keeping your own life, and less chance of having someone else's death on your conscience."

  • Denise


    "I see injuries first hand and the ones from road traffic crashes are by far the worst I've seen."

  • Marion

    "My beautiful 16 year old daughter was my sunshine.  My heart has a great big hole in it.  Imagine how your parents would feel if they lost you. Please don't put them through it."

  • Spencer

    “You have to make the choice of taking the advice given or to ignore it.  Don’t ruin your life, or end the life of someone else.  Please remember you have a licence to drive, not a licence to kill.”

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