auditorium chairs In the last three years 187 people aged 17-24 were killed or seriously injured as car drivers or passengers on the roads in Kent and Medway. Road Safety partners work together to bring L2K to young people across the county with the aim of educating and influencing the decisions that are needed every time you get into a vehicle.  We want you to THINK for your own safety, maintain good attitudes, enjoy your driving experiences, and avoid these situations. ‘Licence to Kill?’ is a theatre education project which explores the circumstances and consequences of a road traffic crash. A film of a crash in the local area has been specially recreated.  As the drama unfolds and the emergency services arrive on the scene, the faces on film literally step onto stage. Pausing the film for a moment, they speak to the audience about their experiences, the reactions of the driver and passengers, the medical implications and how seeing such trauma affects them personally. The audience then hears from other people brave enough to get on stage and share their stories about losing a loved one or being seriously injured in a collision.
Since 2007, around 55,000 young people have seen the production. ‘Licence to Kill?’ has won a Gold Award from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, as well as a national ‘Learning on Screen’ Award from the British Universities Film and Video Council.

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