How To Choose a Driving Instructor

Have you ever heard anyone say “You learn to drive once you pass your test”?
Not true.
You learn from experience after passing your test, but the knowledge and skills you take on board while learning to drive is critical.

One of your next steps after seeing ‘Licence to Kill?’ might be learning to drive.
How will you choose a driving instructor?
Cheapest lessons?
Because your mate passed with them?
Because their website and car look the best?

Choosing your instructor is a very important decision and it’s worth shopping around to make sure you get on with them and they give you individual support, not just race you towards passing your test. A good instructor will set you up for a lifetime of safe driving.

We’ve worked with a focus group of local advanced driving instructors and ran two workshops to get the input from more than 50 other instructors. They have produced an advice sheet for you about choosing an instructor – click here to download that advice

We’d like to say thank you to all who came to a workshop and specifically the members of the focus group:

  • Emma Ashley, Ashley School of Motoring
  • Chris Benstead, CB’s Driving School
  • Ian Brett, Gears Driver Training
  • Peter Denham, A – Z Driving
  • Wendy O’Kill, Wendy’s Driver Training

Download More Information below:

Choosing a driving instructor

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