Speak Up

When you feel at risk as a passenger, losing your voice and staying quiet can have tragic consequences. No matter who the driver, no matter what the situation you must speak up if you feel at all unsafe or in danger – it’s a small action that makes an incredible difference. Your life is literally in their hands. It can be embarrassing to be the sensible one and to spoil people’s fun. If you don’t know what to say to get yourself out try these:
  • “No need to hurry mate, I don’t want to get home too soon.”
  • “Can you stop the car, I don’t feel very well.”
  • “I really need some air, do you mind stopping?”
  • “I feel sick, can you let me out?”
  • “I’ve just seen someone I need to catch up with, can you stop?”
  • “I forgot I need to pick something up, can you pull over?”
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