Driving Advice

If you have been to a ‘Licence to Kill?’ performance in 2014 you will have received an advice handout. In this section we’ve expanded on those bits and pieces…

Road Safety partners refer to the ‘Big 4’ – the main things that influence the chances and / or severity of injuries in a collision:

  • Alcohol or drugs – including the ‘morning after’
  • Mobile phones – looking at or using for texting, talking, internet
  • Speeding
  • Not wearing a seat belt
  • Speak up

    "No matter who the driver, no matter what the situation you must speak up if you feel at all unsafe or in danger – it's a small action that makes an incredible difference."

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  • Ignore your phone

    "You're four times more likely to crash if you use a mobile phone while driving."

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  • How to pick your driving instructor

    "Choosing your instructor is a very important decision. A good instructor will set you up for a lifetime of safe driving."

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  • Taking drugs and driving

    "There is no safe limit, so don't drive and drink or take drugs. It can still be in your body the next morning. Never accept a lift from someone you think has been drinking or taking drugs"

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  • What are your chances?

    "Watch your speed, and drive appropriately for the weather conditions. It means you'll have a better chance of keeping your own life, and less chance of having someone else's death on your conscience."

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  • Being breathalysed

    "I see injuries first hand and the ones from road traffic crashes are by far the worst I've seen."

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